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PLEASE HELP Why isn't my front camera working?

Hello. I recently replaced the apple logo on my iPhone to glow up like this.

Block Image

It worked well and I closed it up and everything seemed to be working. Then I realized my front camera wasn't working. When I click on the camera app, the back camera works fine but the front one just shows a black screen. I opened the iPhone back up and all the camera connections seemed good... What am I missing??? Why isn't it working? PLEASE HELP

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iPhone 6plus in front camera and light not working,


I have this same problem. Did you ever get it working again.


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The iPhone back apple logo led mod obviously drains power from whatever it is connected to. Where is it exactly connected to / could you provide a picture of it being connected?

You mean the front facing camera flex / ribbon cable assembly right? It is possible for it to get damaged if it was removed from the screen.

Restore would not help it's an issue with the front camera ribbon cable connection as the issue happened after doing the mod.

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The mod might be taking too much power

Update (06/15/2016)

Make sure the cable is seated properly to the motherboard, then do a restore

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I thought this too so I removed it but it still wasn't working... any other ideas??


Thank you, is it possible i need a new camera or do you think its fixable?


Also, the earpiece speaker is not working as well


I would replace the flex cable it's very cheap


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