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Why is the touch not responding after I removed the glass


I am posting to ask why the touch isnt responding after taking the glass off to refurbish the screen, I have cleaned the screen thoroughly and it lights up okay. the touch kind of works up & down on the edges, the very edges. Apart from that its not responding, everything seems to be okay... what could be the issue? (I am talking about once the glass have been removed and youre testing the LCD/touch)

Is it fixable?

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OK, what did you clean it with?


I used 100% cleaning alcohol ..


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Hey Zachary,


My suspicion is that a connection is loose,

not seated right, or disconnected when you

took the screen assembly off.

I'm not sure what else you may have done

in the "refurbishing" process -but if you

accidentally got some of that 100% cleaning

alcohol inside the unit...well, it just wouldn't

play nice with that wonderful Apple tech.

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I can connect other screens and they still work... could it be to do with my process? I have done 3 iphone 4/4s screens and they all have the same out come... nice clean display, but the touch not working properly....


The Touch displays are layered glass and electronic screens (layered sub-straits) that electronically detect pressure on the screens so if you sloshed too much cleaning solution the sub-straits would act like a candle wick and soak up the cleaning solution into the center of the glass filling up the empty layer where the electronic pressure is detected. Therefore the pressure of your finger cannot now be detected because the cleaning solution has filled the micro-miniture center. Sorry but you can test this by putting in an uncleaned touch screen to see if it works. You might be able to fix the screens if you could put then in a case of desiccant for a day or two.


Okay thank you so much for your advice. Honestly you are a life saver. Could it have something to do with me using a razor blade to clean off the glue also? Although I am careful and it worked to clean the iphone 4/4s screens, iphone 5 and above and much more sensitive... what should i do to remove the glue if I cant use a sharp razor or cleaning agent?


hello? :/ @oldturkey03


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