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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Chromebook, an 14 inch HP-brand laptop computer that runs on the Chrome operating system (OS).

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Headphone Jack Not Working

I was being stupid and mistakenly plugged a powered 9v 3.5mm power supply into my HP Chromebook 14's headphone jack. At first, both speakers and the jack output weren't working. I restarted my computer and got the built in speakers working again, but when I plug into speakers or headphones, I get a ton of static and feedback, but can hear the output very slightly. If I turn the volume up, I get clicking in addition to the above.

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Only one of my earbuds work, so I thought it was the earbuds, but I bought another pair and it still doesn't work. I have to pull the cord one way to get both of them to work. When looking in the headphone jack it looks like one of the plated medals isn't there. Do I have to send it in to be fixed or is there something I can do?


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you have blown .. the IC chip in your lappy you need to get it repaired.

or you could buy a USB sound card that plugs into a usb port.. it has audio "in" "out" and mic.

cost about £3 on fleabay.


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