RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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screen presses buttons by itself

what is causing this? its phantom touches?

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my rca viking pro will not work if i drtatch the keyboard so therefor i am unable to use touch screen it completly stopped


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Has this tablet been dropped or repaired? It's definitely a touch issue with the digitizer itself. These issues can be software related, but they rarely are. Is there a warranty left on it by chance? I know a lot of repair shops that dont touch tablets like this because they are either not worth fixing since the repair may cost the same or more than a replacement or the parts are hard to find. If you have your data backed up, Id wipe the device and restore it to factory just as a last ditch effort.

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I did reset it to factory condition and it did stop, but there is still a dead zone on the side that fits into keyboard. I don't use the keyboard except for a stand, so if I remove it I can flip it around and get around the dead zone. It's somewhat annoying but I can live with it.


Unfortunately, it does sound like a hardware failure. The good thing is you can work around it. I hope it doesnt get worse.


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