Why is my engine smoking and shaking

I pulled out to turn from a red light and I kind of gave it some gas and the check engine light came on. Then, the car just started shaking, so I pulled over to a close gas station and sat a while with the car off. Then I tried to start, but it wouldn't, so I tried again, and it started but only stayed on for a few seconds and started smoking and turned back off. Last week, I went to turn it on and it shook very hard and started smoking again, and I just went to the car to try to turn it on and the car is dead.

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Most likely is a major failure such as a thrown rod. From your question I can see that you're not a mechanic. Have it towed in for a major overhaul and be prepared to spend some serious money to get it fixed.

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+ agreed. Could be timing chain, head gasket, rod, crankshaft, or any number of other things. Take it to a mechanic.


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suggest to buy CARMD can order online its very helpful will tell u whats wrong with ur car if anything wrong with it and it will tell what to fix and alot cheaper to repair too .. just a suggest ..

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