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Modern rebirth of John Cooper's classic automobile, made by BMW.

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I need model # for the belt

When I looked on line to purchase a belt for 2005 mini cooper s it gave me more than 1.

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Multiple options for engine belts are usually based on the size/type of engine in the car and whether it has AC or not. Find out the size and type of the engine and do some more Google searching or head to your local AutoZone or autoparts store. They should be able to help you find what you need.

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I was looking on the AutoZone website and this is probably what you need.


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You can also go to this BMW site and select the year, model etc. of your MINI and you then get pull down menus for all the main sections of the car I use it a lot for my 2007 Cooper S and find it to be a valuable source for part numbers as well as an idea of what parts go where and how they interconnect.

The link will take you to a belt that is for a 2005 MINI that I picked at random, you can backtrack to the first page and enter the data specific to your car. If you enter the last 7 digits of your VIN it will save you a lot of typing.

Good luck

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Our 2005 Cooper S with air con and manual trans uses Dayco #5060548. That's the only one listed for an 05 S with Advance Autoparts and Autozone as well, and the number code decodes as a 6 rib belt that is 54.8" in circumference.

Be aware that a proprietary tool is recommended to release the tensioner and free the belt. The tool is the easiest way to get it done, but at over $100 online, it sure isn't cheap. I changed ours by carefully using a prybar. It did cost a little lost paint on an underhood brace, but it can be done. Also, the tensioner uses a really strong spring because of the supercharger, so be sure to pin the tensioner back securely using the provided hole - it could be dangerous to errant fingers if it comes loose.

Good Luck


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