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Speedomometer cable and gas guage

I have a 94 Chevy 1500 4x4. The previous owner swapped in a mild build carbureted 350. The wiring was never done correctly and I don't have a speedometer or fuel level. Fuel level is stuck on full and nothing on the speedometer. Where does the cable run too and from and how can I see if it's busted? Or is it something electrical? Fuses? Stuff like that? I have no idea.

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Read everything and do simplest/easiest first.

Sorry but I have only had 2 hours sleep in 48hrs and i typed it on my phone so it may be confusing.


**does the truck shift fine?

-tap the instrument panel a few times. The older the panel gets the more likely it can get stuck.

-check the tcm fuse under the hood (test it)

-unplug the vehicle speed sensor buffer (behind glove box) for 5 minutes then plug back in

- check the vehicle speed sensor on the back of the transfer case.

**try these first then we can dwell deeper**


-it is almost always the ground strap.

It runs from the fuel pump (in/sticking out) of the gas tank (drivers side) it runs to the frame itself. Test it first, then IF it's bad i suggest dropping the tank. Or cutting the bed (make a door)

-make a whole new connection and use a self tapping screw to attatch it to the frame.

(you can reach the ground without dropping it or cutting but its difficult)

**The floater on the pump may be stuck or broken. Check this as well.

Hopefully one of these helps. There are more reasons for both issues but these are the most common. My speedometer has to be tapped every now and then, and both my ground and floater were bad. There is also a possibility of the instrument panel being bad as well but it is far less common.

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