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How to teardown logitech x300 bluetooth speaker?

my goal for teardown logitech x300 is, i would like to paint the cover of that speaker.

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Slim picker's on a teardown on this one. Here's what I found, a very poor one in German (i think it's German):


Interesting but Logitec sells no spare parts for it:


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It is designed for obsolescence. Period. There is no way you can open it without destroying the outer casing. At least not in a timescale that's worthwhile. This product lasted with me for I guess a couple of years and now the charging port is broken. Maybe the best option is to 3D print your own cover for it. They went hyperbolic on making sure it isn't repairable in any way.

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I found this on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_drCWj9e...

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