Touch screen not working after replacing flex cable

I all. Recently I am facing couple of problems with my G2. First the usual problem that most of the user face with a g2 which was a portion of the touch wasn't responsive. I changed the whole display with touch and then my G2 worked perfectly for 2 days. after 2 days of 2 times complete charge cycle my G2 wasn't charging anymore. but all other function was normal. afterwards i changed the flex cable which was attached with various other cable. changing the flex cable solved the charge issue but now my touch screen is dead. I am totally puzzled here now. I already replaced the LCD screen after the first problem and now it's not working after changing the flex cable. i tried another LCD screen but same result, touch not working. Since touch is not working I used OTG mouse and checked all other functionality and seems the phone is completely fine except the touch. phone charges normally and drains normally. Should try another flex cable? I am not sure what should i do now. spending more money on it. Please help someone

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