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Display works, touchscreen doesn't.

Okay, so I'll start from the beginning. Just got my iPhone a month ago, had a life proof case. I went into a pool with it (stupid me) it got wet. It worked for around 2 days after and then my touchscreen stopped working. I did a restore and it started working again but failed a couple minutes later. The only thing that gets me confused is how the display is perfectly fine yet my touchscreen doesn't work, I feel as though there is a way to fix it but I haven't found anything on the web about it. All buttons work, fingerprint works but can't use it without the passcode. I've tried checking and cleaning the connectors of the display but no luck. Any tips? do I really have to buy another display even though mines working perfectly fine except for the digitizer?

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Just saw a video after some reasearch about a guy cleaning the connectors with a tooth brush and ipa, going to try it will post results.


no luck, display still works, touchscreen nope


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My recommendation is to get a professional to perform a water treatment on it asap, as the mother board probably got wet, also the digitiser connection (on the Screen side) can get damaged by water getting in the earpiece speaker hole so a new screen may be needed. I would still recommend getting a water treatment done.

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