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Released in February 2012 by Garmin. The Garmin nuvi 2555 LMT has a 5-inch dual-oriented display, Bluetooth capabilities, lane assist, 3D traffic, and Guidance 2.0 software.

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My GPS Reboots unexpectedly very often

My GPS always shows "lost external power" and reboots unexpectedly. But the cable works fine for my other Garmin GPS, and I reset the device to default, Still not working.

Please help, thank you!

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Thanks for your reply,.

Yes, it's an original charger which works fine with my other Garmin GPS.

I think that's the problem of mini-USB too, any recommendations?



you can try to open the gps. i did it before and its not hard to do.. check the main PCB for the charging mini usb. when its loose you will have to solder a new one. check the cable's as well. cause i had a molten cable of the battery...


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It is possible that the mini-usb connector on the back of the Nuvi may have failed.

Test the connector by gently wiggling it. If it feels loose, it is a an indicator that it may have become disconnected internally.

Is the red light from loading still on when shutting down and reboot?

It is a common problem to this GPS.

Is it an Original charger and cable?

Kind regards,


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