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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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Freezing and never-ending loop problem

Hey everyone,

I purchased a samsung galaxy s2 tab 8.0 about a couple of months ago. I used it for about 4 weeks, everything was working just fine, fell in love with the tablet and still do now, except for the part when the tablet started freezing and going on never-ending reboot loops in the middle of watching netflix or youtube. It started after the 4 weeks of usage and it hasn't stopped ever since. I've factory-reset, soft reset, changed email accounts, charged it to 100% while turned off, removed any sd cards in it, nothing works, the tablet freezes and starts rebooting on its own when performing power hungry tasks like gaming, video playback, and google chrome casting......but works just fine while surfing chrome and using basic apps that don't require media. I bought it with no insurance and the retailer i bought it from wont accept a return. Does anyone know what the problem could be? im rather tech savy, i've stripped smartphones apart and replaced parts, but i can't find samsung galaxy tab s2 series tear-downs or replacement part tutorials. Ive read a lot of similar issues online and done every suggestion out there without opening the tablet open and tinkering with the hardware inside.......yet

Please HELP ME!!!!!

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I have tried replacing the internal battery, but that had no effect. Strongly suspect either the power button or the mainboard at this time. Waiting to afford parts for repair.


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I have this problem too. My tablet started to freeze at somewhat heavy loading like Google Earth, but after that it freezed and reboots imeediately after reboot. I cannot do anything on it, after it reboots it works for maximum 10 seconds then it freezes and reboots itself. Sometimes it’s not rebooting it just stays freezed until the battery is consumed - no combination of buttons can make it unfreeze.

I tried all kind of software fixes - wiping cache, factory resets, new firmware. Nothing works. But at least find it comforting that when in debug/reset mode it is stable, is does not resets/freeze.

I noticed the right back part (near the volume/power buttons) is warmer than the rest. I even opened it using teardown guides found here on iFixit and disconnected baterry, ribbons, etc, and put them back. I tried to put some thermal paste in the warm part (I think it’s the CPU/GPU) to take away some heat. I behaves just the same after that - freezes after 10 seconds after booting - so at least I didn’t damage anything. Also I tried to put it in my freezer half an hour but it works just a few seconds more - maybe the heat it’s the problem, but why it heats so much suddenly ?

Update (02/20/2020)

This is definitely a hardware problem. Now it freezes when rebooting, Samsung logo is displayed - only half of it. It stays like this until the battery is consumed

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hey guys please try this , Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android)

Press and hold Volume up, Home and Power buttons untilthe Samsunglogo appears on the screen, then release the buttons. The start-up screen will be briefly displayed, before thehard resetmenu appears. Press the Power button.

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I said I tried every software fix. This didn't work.


yeh same it didnt work for me either


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Sometime it works if I hold down the start buton

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