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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an Android smartphone that was released in November of 2016.

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My phone is not turning on.

my phone's battery was down while i was talking through it. suddenly phone switched off . i connected this to charger but it was showing nothing on phone screen. till now it's not charging , not turning on too.please suggest what to do now.

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j2 switch off on problem succesfully


Hi I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy young 2 I tried to press volume, home and power button but it's still not working is just turning off and turning on

Please help


My phone is samsung j2 pro now my phone battery is full just i switch off the phone than see battery is low plz give me a help


G318H is not turn on or turn off.

Please please help


my j2, I actually had reset my phone and then rebooted it since it is the only way that I saw that can power in my phone because there are these like choices saying if I want to reboot it or have reset or have it updated and chose reboot. now it's like 30 minutes and my phone keeps only on vibrating and displaying the Samsung word on it


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Thanks. I have fixed it! I pressed volume, home and power button together. It is working now. Thanks again !!

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sir it is a battery problem if u change the battery then it will be fixed


volume means? + or -


Betary ok but no trun


I try this but no on


I also have a problem my Samsung galaxy j2 does not want to install anything how can this be fixed


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Do you charge the phone for around an hour. If no, try it and see how.

If yes, try to press volume up, home button, power at the same time. This works for my s7 edge that have the same issue with you. If nothing comes on, try to press volume up and power at the same time.

Also try to replace your battery, a dead battery may cause phone not to boot.

Still no response? Maybe your logic board maybe dead. If yes, return your device ASAP before the warranty is void.

Warranty void already? You should run out of luck, you can't fix it anymore. Because normal users can't do it

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Now i what to do


same problem there ....my phon should not open when power on screen has been blinking black light


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