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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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Tab bought in China, Google play not available

I'm currently living in China. My wife bought me a Samgsung tablet as a Christmas present. Even though I have English as a default language, my Galaxy Apps page is in Chinese. The majority of downloads offered on the Chinese Galaxy page look so childish compared to what I see on Google Play.

It also does not have Google Play not installed and despite my best efforts I can't figure out how to install it. Do Tablets sold on China have some sore of built in block to not allow Google Play to be downloaded?

I have a VPN available. so I can get to the "forbidden" websites. Is there any third party site where I can download Google play and get some intelligent software?

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Hi there,

Ya I believe China has internet blocks to the rest of the world lol... There are Google play alternatives that have the same android apps that are in the playstore that you can install as well if the playstore app can't be installed... The alternative apps that I've used before are SlideMe app market, you can install it from here: http://m.slideme.org/application/slideme...

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Thanks for the input


Your welcome Carl, it was my pleasure.

I hope it helped you get around the Google play install issue!


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