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swapping cards from mini to ipad 2

I have an ipad mini with gsm, and recently bought an ipad 2( slightly older model, refurb). I want to put my sim card from my ipad mini into my sim card slot on my ipad 2. WIll it work? or are the cards for the two models different? Thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback! I wasnt sure since the size looked different. I'll have to look around for the adapter. Never bought one so I dont know where to begin but Google is usually helpful! again thank you for your help!


Haha. No problem, glad I could help out. Sim adapters come with sim cards (if you buy or get them), or you can get ones cheap online.


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Hi! The iPad 2 and Mini require different sized cards. However, if you get a sim card adapter, it should work perfectly (assuming the iPads are functional and both unlocked).

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