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Strange audio problems from phone SE

Before I go to deep I think this is just a bad OS install but I want others opinions first...

So a while back our family decided to upgrade to a smart phones, most of the family got iPhone SE's and one of them has been haveing this strange problem that some system sounds won't work but others will but it seems random from phone restarts which sounds do and don't work...

example: ringtones will play when getting a call but text tones don't and after a phone restart it would be the exact opposite text tones work but ringtones don't and then after another restart both tones would work but something else wouldn't like video audio or keyboard clicks or something.

it can be any system sound from keyboard clicks to ringtones to media and i have also noted that when say a ringtone wont work trying to preview ringtones in setting also has no audio...

Any ideas?

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OK so as I thought it was a bad OS install, after wiping and restoring with a computer (full whip) the problem has been resolved.

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