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Where can I find the battery polarity info online for iPod2nd gen

just want to find the battery polarity for ipod touch 2nd gen

maybe a picture no video please slow connect

case has three solder points one must be + other -

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See http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/BJGPS...

The pad next to the orange 821-0719-02 cable -- the one connected to 2 gold testpoints -- is + (positive).

The 3rd pad, farthest away from the cable -- connected to the big ground plane -- is - (negative).

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Question, What is the one in the Middle and what purpose does it serve? What if the soldering job was not good and is not making good contact? Will it cause the battery not to charge properly and still allow the Ipod to turn on? I can get I pod on but it turns off when I disconnect. I've desoldered the connection and resoldered it and maybe I just have a bad Brand New battery. I am attempting to figure out how to test the battery with a multi-meter and see if I have a defective battery.

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