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Repair information for the Brother MFC-J6920DW wireless, multifunction inkjet printer. Model number: MFC-J6920DW. First available on Amazon in September of 2012.

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Shutting down when plugged in.

When I plugged in to the outlet, the screen says ,"All functions will be disabled" then it says" Stand by on/off resume". Then it shuts down.

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Is it plugged into a outlet controlled by a light switch? If so , make sure the switch is on. I have done this.


I have done this also, but the printer wouldn't come alive at all.


Thanks a lot. This was the solution. I would have never thought of myself. My printer now seems to work.


When I plugged in to the outlet, the screen says ,"All functions will be disabled" then it says" Stand by on/off resume". Then it shuts down.how to solve this problem


please reply me


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Had exactly this problem on a 3 year old MFC-J6920DW today - found a solution elsewhere on the net:

Remove power cord and wait 30 seconds. Then remove paper trays. Reconnect power cord and switch on at the wall. Wait for printer to boot (and complain about lack of trays). Reinstall paper trays.

All up and working now!

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Fixed problem immediately. (problem started with an inadvertent unplugging of the machine)Did not have to hold power button after plugging back in with trays removed, but some had suggested that. If this hadn't worked, i would have tried removing trays and holding the power button till the music stopped.


Fixed the problem right away! Thank you so much! Gary


Followed instructions about moving paper tray and everything now works. Thanks so much. Janine


03/05/2017: Followed instructions about removing paper trays; plugged in; printer rebooted automatically, then requested insertion of paper trays. All is great now. THANKS!!


I had this issue too and tried several "fixes" without success. I was afraid my printer was hopelessly dead. And, frankly, I had little faith in this suggestion - but it worked!!! I'm back in business and very grateful that someone presented this solution.


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Theses methods are only workarounds. Real source of problem is that the supercapacitor (GC.5.5V0.22F) on the motherboard is out of order.

Change it and the printer will work as before.

Thanks to My Brother Printer EMFC-J4510DW won't turn on for the solution !

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ok mais comment faire pour changer ce super condensateur de la carte mere (demontage) ??


hello, see here to replace supercapacitor


or writte in google: brother problema supercapacitor


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Yay! Trying to figure it out most of the night thinking my 10yr old printer was gone.

Googled in the & found this tip & bam 5 seconds fixed.

Thanks heaps.

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