Backlight shorted to gorund

Hi I have a little bit of issue, and wanted to ask if you could help me to bring a solution sense to this, I received an iPad Mini 3, with no backlight issue, since it had been repaired at home in DIY method, a boy claims that he had replace an digitizer FPC connector, which took him several hours to do, I thought it is a filter fuse as always, opened it and noticed that the fuse is all fine, measure it and is legit alive, decided to take it off and see if it has a short to ground, and it indeed has, but weirdly it's on connector side not the inverter side, took off the display connector and it still has a short to ground on backlight line, any ideas what could cause it? Oh and by the way I took off both caps next to the connector on the backlight line, none of them has a fault.

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