No Sound After Rear Case Replacement

Replaced the rear case. The phone powers up fine, connects to AT&T and to my network. I can place a call but the person cannot hear me and I cannot hear them. This is true whether I'm on speaker or normal sound. Otherwise the phone works perfectly. I'm worried that I damaged one of the ribbon cables when peeling them off the old case. Is this the most likely problem? If so, which cable is it. Hate to disassemble the phone again to look for a tear under high magnification. Seems like that is just asking for trouble.

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Check the charging port cable first as the loudspeaker and bottom microphone is connected to that part. Usually gets torn (if not pryed correctly) at the part where you begin to pry the charging port out. Which is usually the top right.

Right side of the ribbon cable has like two lines going to the loudspeaker connection point.


Thanks! I'll check it this weekend.


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