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After a screen change touch screen not responding well

My Iphone had a shattered screen and my mate changed it for me and now the screen is not as responsive as it should be. It looks like the screen needs calibrating, and I cant find anywhere that allows you to do that.

Could it be that the screen changed is faulty.

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try a hard reset to recalibrate. press and hold home and power for 10 seconds until apple appears, then release and allow to reboot.

otherwise check the part is for your phone- 3g and 3gs look similar but aren't interchangeable

check connector 2/3 are on right

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Did the hard resent work? I am having similar issues: after replacing screen, it is not responding right (bottom portion not responding well, can't scroll up and down well, chooses wrong app or alphabet even though the right portion of the touch screen is touched).

I don't really want to open it up again....

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