Boot Loop Compilation iPhone 6

Hi my friends,

There are many events on iPhone 6 for boot loop. At moment I have an client with this problem, so I decided to search and make an status for what actions I'm taking for to get solutions.

Please share all options that you tried for.

At moment I had check that the iphone 6 is rebooting when he as low charge ( I had checked 2 events) 1 about 31% charge and other about 20%.

So at moment no fully charge events. The batterys hold a good charge.

I check for long screws on the screen but seems good.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I will try a reflow with the hot air gun

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по рейтингу -2


After an battery calibration battery dont pass the 2% charge

Next step i will put the MB on other

phone to check if is some part or the MB


Boot loop as in stuck on apple logo?

I'm confused. Does the phone actually turn on or not?

Or does it show Apple logo and go off and show it again?


Hi Ben,

Yes the phone turn on, and work normally for 1/2 days but sometimes e restart and dont boot.

Shows the Apple logo turn off and do the same again times and times until i disconnect the battery for an while press the start button and stays fine for more 1/2 days.

As the client have an broken LCD i thougth that he maybe tryed to changed for an new one and changed the screews position but it dont seems as you can see the pics...

The motherboard dont have any signal of damage.

At moment i changed the MotherBoard to another iphone 6 that works fine to see if the problem is the motherboard or not to remove some possibilities.

Really sorry about my English if have some errors.

Best Regards

Paulo Silva



I had changed the MB to an new iPhone and worked very well.

So the problem at moment is not the MB. Back to the old iPhone, i will delivery the iphone to the costumer and recommend to change the battery.

He had the LCD broken that will change too.

What i had done:

- Check if see any Screew damage on the classic place - No seems to have damaged

- Removed the Shield from the LCD - NOT OK

- Reflow with Hot Air all the MB - NOT OK

- Changed the MB to other iPhone - Worked well, no reboot.

Back again to the old iPhone and recommended to the client to change the battery for an new one. LCD will be replaced too


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