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Repair guides for Windows cell phones manufactured by HTC.

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Windows was unable to complete the format

Hello, friends! My HTC phone SD memory card recently just asks to format when it was used on my Windows 8 computer. However, when I click Yes to format SD card with my computer phone SMS, games, files and photos, windows just says windows was unable to complete to format? Honestly, I have used Google to search for the related windows unable to complete the format error problems and also am wondering to select a formatting program? Do you have any recommendation? Is such software helpful for my case? Thanks for any suggestion here!

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Hi, you can just format your SD card by Command Prompt :

1. Insert the USB Flash drive into your laptop or computer; wait until it will be detected.

2: Open Command Prompt by following this flow: Start →Accessories →Command Prompt or Start → Run → type “cmd” → Enter

3: Assuming your USB flash drive is assigned the letter “F”: type the following command in the Command Prompt with the following:

format F: /fs:FAT32

If you would like to convert the file system into NTFS, FAT, exFAT, just change FAT32 to the target file system.

Step 4: To continue or stop the formatting process, press Y (for Yes) or N (for No).

I think it’s no need to use the program, it’s not safe sometimes, you can just use the command on pc to complete your format.

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