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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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How do I view an old iCloud update?


A long time ago, I deleted an messages conversation on my iPad mini(the original one). It is not urgent that I get the information back, I wanted to know if it would be possible for me to see the conversation, since they were backed up in an automatic iCloud update. I don't want to wipe my device and re-download the information. I would also not like to use any 3rd party apps. I know it's a tall order, and may not be possible, but I'd appreciate any help.


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Back up device. Wipe device. Restore backup with messages you want to read. Read messgaes. Wipe device. Bring back most recent backup.

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