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A 12.1 inch screen laptop manufactured in 2004 by Toshiba with a Pentium M 733 1.1 GHz Ultra Low Voltage processor.

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Why is my system hanging

i switched on my laptop but it couldn't boot because it hanged. i switched off and on again but still remain in d same place. pls what could be the problem

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What type of laptop? Mac or PC? Where does it hang exactly? (what is showing on the screen when it freezes).

As previously stated, safe mode is a good place to start.


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try re-booting and then while booting tap "f8" the keys on the top. When a menu appears, try to boot into safemode. Once in safe mode with networking you can download a anti virus or ccleaner to try to clean your laptop and restore it.

Checking system restore could also help. As you might be able to restore to a earlier point.

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I also suggest trying to reboot the device...

If this doesn't help, try booting into safe mode. If the system works there, it might be an OS problem...which needs repair...

Hope this helps...

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