Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Can I remove a wifi chip off one logic board to another?

Im in desperate need of advice before I go prying into my phone to try and fix my greyed out and continously searching bluetooth issue.

Ive done my research and tried everything from resetting wifi networks to using a hairdryer/freezer to try and get my wifi working but nothing helped. Ive come to the conclusion that my wifi chip must be completely dead and my only option is to replace it.

My boyfriend is taking home a heat gun and flux from his school today to try and fix this for me but id like some reassurance before we damage things beyond repairing.

First, i have another iphone 6 that had water damage but i dont know if that would have effected the wifi chip on it. Can I remove the chip and put it on the other logic board that doesnt have water damage or do I need a new replacment chip? I already tried switching out logic boards in hopes that the water damaged one just had something to do with the battery and/or cable connecters but the phone wouldnt turn on so i know its logic board itself thats damaged.

Next id like to know if the steps im going to take to remove and replace the chips are correct and if not what am I missing.

Heat the chip until its ready to lift off.

Clean the area with 100% alcohol

Apply flux

Lay down replacement chip, re heat, and the let cool.

Is it that easy? What factors am I not adding in that could make this go wrong?

The phone is no longer contracted by a carrier and has no warranty so its basically a brick. I just want to use it on Wi-Fi for apps and picture taking purposes so I really don't have anything to lose and don't plan on paying hundreds to get it fixed. any advice is appreciated.

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Don´t use a heatgun. If the temperature is to high you will destroy the whole logic board. You should use at least a rework station. Temperature should be around 400°C. And use a new chip. If your heating up the chip to long it´s defective. The silicon the chip is made of can´t resist temperatures over 140°C very long. So you musst be very fast.

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So your saying I need a new chip because to get it off of the logic board I need to heat it up to 400°c and the chip will become defective at around 140°c ?


The chip has a special design just like a heat pipe(CPU cooler). The silicon part doesn't heat up as fast as the solder pads and the chip housing. But if you heat up the chip to long the Silicon inside reaches the critical temperature of 140°C. Just check out some youtube videos. The complete resoldering process does´t take longer than 10 seconds maximum(without cleaning an reballing the chip). If you are doing this professional you even use temperature charts for every single chip designed by the manufacturer. And if you try to be fast in desoldering and the solder is no liquid you can also pull of the solder pads from logic board. And this is very hard to fix oder even impossible.


So its basically not possible to do at home? Can you please send me a youtube video link of the correct process I should follow. Again im just looking to see if i can fix it. The phone is currently rendered useless because I left verizon and cant activate else where (nor would i want to with this issue) and im not going to pay 200+ for a professional to fix it. I cant afford a smart phone any longer so I really wanted this phone working so I dont have to sit at a desktop everytime I need to go online.


An remove the glue around the wifi chip. Otherwise i won´t come of the logic board.


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