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Text selection issue on double-click behavior in Windows 10


I recently bought a new laptop, in which I have Windows 10 running. When I try to select URLs by double-clicking on them, the hypen (-) and question mark (?) characters act as delimiters, not allowing me to select the full URL.

For example, if open notepad (or even do it on the current text field where I'm typing this message), or other softwares like Dreamweaver, and then double click the following text on the 1st word, it only selects "just-", and not the whole URL like I would like it to do:


I wanted Windows to behave the same way it did on Windows XP, and simply select the full URL/word/text, by not using hyphens or question marks as delimiters in these double clicking actions.

Does anyone know how to solve this?



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Did you ever figure this issue out? I went to "additional mouse settings" in the Control Panel and turned on Click Lock. Now I am able to click once to insert the cursor, twice to highlight the word, and three times to highlight multiple words or a paragraph. I also slowed down the speed of my mouse because I noticed that it wasn't working properly at the fastest speed. All of this should be in the "additional mouse settings."

Hope this helps!

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