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Where is my transmission speed sensors

I am trying to find the easiest way to get to the speed sensors in my car. I understand they are on the transmission and that there are two of them. I have a 2010 lancer es, it is stuck in first gear and my speedometer doesn't work sometimes. I am pretty sure it is because the sensor. Can anybody help me out?

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Before replacing sensors (which might not be the cause of the issue at all - there are a lot of other potential causes), check the fluid level in the tranny (needs to be hot and in park or neutral). It's the simplest and most common cause.


cayte03 that is incorrect. The vehicle speed sensor is responsible for the speedometer and the shifting. Should it fail, your speedometer can fluctuate or quit working altogether and a transmission can shift erratically. It has got nothing to do with transmission fluid.


I guess if the PCM / TCM is getting the wrong info, it would go into limp safe mode (which is 2nd or 3rd gear, but the car is stuck in 1st.). I wasn't thinking about it like that. But if the vehicle speed sensor is working, then that's not the problem (he did mention it conks out only occasionally, so when it does send the proper signal to the PCM, the car should shift... but it seems it never shifts (?) ) Low fluid can definitely be the cause - clutches in the trans might not be working. Is the car throwing a code?


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@erick1 the secondary pulley speed sensor should be the one you are looking for. B116 in the image shows the secondary pulley speed sensor and B117 the primary

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