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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 & I8262 Android smartphone. Announced May 2013.

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Why is my phone heating during charging

When i connect or not connect my phone tp charging it heats and use more battery

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More than likely the motherboard of the phone has been damaged. This is usually due to water damage corroding the components. It is not safe to use a phone that heats up like that, especially if the battery is heating up.

I would disassemble the phone and examine the charging components for corrosion or other damage.

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Is one of the fire starters in the news that are on recall?



lipo fires scare me and I'm pretty brave. I'll play with electricity and fire and not think twice...I kind of get paid to do it. But I am scared anytime someone posts that they are using a phone that heats up. A lipo fire will literally shoot flames out of your phone. And not puny butane lighter flames, jets of high temp chemical fire flames.

This is scary stuff and my mission is to prevent anyone getting hurt by them.


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my first guess was water damage also.

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