Why does my tv screen have gray/foggy screen?

So we found this flat screen tv outside someone's yard and obviously we knew something was wrong with it. Well it does turn on!! Only thing is the screen I can barely see it. For a split second the screen turned normal while powering up but then turned like a gray color. I can still see the screen but it's like foggy? I'm not really sure how to explain, but it's like a gray opacity layer over the screen. Everything seems to be working, has sound, picture. Just this one issue.

Here's a picture

Better Picture

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I have a LG plasma tv approx 55 inches and all of a sudden both sides of the picture has about 6 inches of just grey screen on it instead of the picture being right to the sides. What would be causing this?


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Eve, check the attached link it was an earlier post here at ifixit, may help in diagnosing the TV's issue. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Color on LCD fades to white after 10 seconds

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