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iPhone 4s black screen after water damage

Hi! My iphone 4s was left outdoors while raining, and has lost power when I found it. After charging it works at beginning, only with problem with the Home button. However a few hours later the screen cannot be turned on. I open it up and found no sight of water inside. It can still be recognized and get its iOS restored by itune, however its screen remains completely black. I wonder where the problem could be and thanks in advance for your answer!

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The problem seems to be the screen. I think you must get a new screen for it. Do you have any other 4s screens that you could test with? Ones with shattered glass etc. Or you could find a cheap display online.

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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I do not have a spare part at hand. Maybe I shall open it and see whether there is any visible damage to the screen?


You can try, but i think it is a little bit hard to see it. If the phone shows signs that it works, but there i nothing showing up on the screen, it is most likely faulty display.

I had a incident like this one time, an iphone 5 dropped in water, and the screen did not work properly. I ordered a new screen, and everything worked with the new screen until i noticed it said "searching". So, the water had broken the antenna chip on the motherboard. That's why i would make sure everything else is working on your phone before you invest in a new screen. After all, the 4s screens are pretty cheap these days, so if you got the money, go for it!


Thank you for the answer. I have just removed the screen, although I could not find any problem visually...I found in ebay that an iphone 4s screen is about 12 euro, which is indeed cheap. However it appears to me that the iphones are quite vulnerable. Could other mobilephones e.g. Samsung Galaxy be a bit more robust, which makes them a wiser investment?


iPhone 4 series screens are cheap pretty much like iPhone 5 series screens as well because there are many aftermarket screens going around in the market and you can get same quality like original.

In my opinion Samsung Phones isn't really a good idea if you break screens a lot. Because nobody has managed to make a copy / aftermarket screen and their all original. Most of the new samsung phone screen prices are expensive just because of that.

Other brands such as Huawei P9 / LG G series / HTC One series / iPhone 4 / 5 / 6 series may be a better idea due to more better screen prices and they are good phones.


Thank you for the answer. It just appears to be that iphones are fragile. I use to have a few smartphones that have suvived more ten times of falling down, resulting in only minimal cosmetic damage.. Robustness is in my opinion desirable for mobile phones.


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