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This 15.6" laptop was released in 2013 by HP and is capable of general use and even light gaming.

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Why is my computer so hot?

My computer frequently gets very hot while the fan is running hard and I don't know why! I am doing relatively simple tasks that shouldn't make the computer work so hard. Help!

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Alex, it may be time to disassemble your laptop and give it a thorough cleaning. Dust and small debri builds up on/around the fan , heat sinks and other components on the laptop boards reducing cooling efficiency badly. Video below will show disassembly of your device which will allow you to clean dust, etc. from components using a can of compressed air and small brush. If not up to the task, computer repair shops offer this service. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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I had the same problem! This specific laptop is prone to collecting dust and debris in the fan overtime, so it's not your fault. The dust is what is causing the laptop to overheat--it can easily be fixed by disassembling the laptop and cleaning out the fan with compressed air. That should do the trick! If not, you may need to replace the fan. Another tip is to make sure you're allowing the fan to ventilate while you're using the laptop, so try to avoid using it on your lap, blanket, or any other soft surfaces. Hope this helps!

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