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This 15.6" laptop was released in 2013 by HP and is capable of general use and even light gaming.

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Why is my device freezing shutting down randomly?

When I am using the laptop, it randomly freezes and shuts down. I don't understand! Why is this happening?!

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Is there some sort of Peep or blink when it shuts down?

Is it at the Powercord or on Batterie?

What Operation System do you use?

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Oh no! I had the same experience with this laptop, too. After days of trying to diagnose it, I came to the conclusion that it was the hard drive! Mine was "dying,"although I had only owned my laptop for a couple months (this could be a manufacturer error, don't worry!) but I fixed it by replacing the hard drive, and my laptop was good as new. Look at this device's hard drive repair guide on here for further information! Hope this helps!

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