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Zeepad 7.0 is an Android powered personal tablet.

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My Zeepad is frozen and a reset isn't fixing it.

My Zeepad is completely frozen and I'm resetting it by pressing the Vol + and Power buttons but it's still frozen. What should I do?

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If a hard reset is not solving the problem, a factory reset will be needed. There are further instructions on how to perform a factory reset on the Zepad troubleshooting page: Zeepad 7.0 Troubleshooting Page

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My wife works for a local church thrift shop. A Zeepad was donated. I was able to charge it up and start it, but it requires a PIN to open. Don't know who donated it and did not get the PIN. Tried the reset procedure but can't past the PIN requirement. Suggestions? Andy 22687


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Please send me the address lable , I call about it this morning.

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Ok What should I do


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