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This 15.6" laptop was released in 2013 by HP and is capable of general use and even light gaming.

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My touch pad does not work anymore

My touch pad on my HP envy 1205dx is not responding anymore, could this be a software issue or do i need to get the pad replaced?

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Hi Reuben,

Connect a USB mouse first before doing anything else.

Then try completely uninstalling the Touch Pad software using something like:


IObit's Uninstaller. Do the "Powerful Scan" as well, after the initial uninstall?

Reboot and reinstall with latest Synaptics TouchPad Driver v.


If that doesn't work well then replace hardware.

After 32 years experience my instinct says driver problem. Had same problem on both my Notebook and my NetBook. Did as above and Touch Pad was back in operation.

Regards, Mike

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It is most likely not a software issue and you will probably need to replace the touch pad entirely.

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It is funny Alex, but I have fixed touch pads not working a number of times by just uninstalling and re-installing...along with video, LAN cards, etc., etc.

But you may , of course, be correct in this case but yopu never know until you try. Same with Tablets being stuck in reboot mode.


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