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The Samsung 5 Megapixel camcorder was released in 2011. It can be submerged in water up to a maximum of 3 meters and dropped from a maximum of 2 meters. It also records video in 1080P.

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Why can't my camcorder recognize the memory card?

The memory card has a problem and the camera can not recognize it. I cannot take any pictures/videos.

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Have you used the memory card before in your camera?

If the memory card is new:

Check your camera's owners manual to check which kind of format the card needs to be on for the camera to read it. If the format matches, the new card might be defective. Try using another card to see if the problem is solved.

If the memory card has been used before on the camera:

Try plugging the memory card into a computer to see if it reads it. If the computer cannot read the memory card, it might be time to replace it.

If the card is readable on another device then try checking for any user options that may not let the camera read the memory card.

Lastly, if no memory card that you plug in the camera works it might be useful to replace the memory card slot in the camera.

You can check for some for the on this device troubleshooting page: this is the link Samsung HMX-W200 Troubleshooting

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Since you stated you are experiencing problems with your SD card not working properly, it will be useful for you to replace the SD card, as stated here in the guide (Samsung HMX-W200 Troubleshooting).

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