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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Change glass ipad air 2

So i have one ipad air 2 with broken glass

i dont do repairs for ipad by myself i normally give that work away.

i bringded one ipad air 2 to a shop and he said that they got so much problem to only change the glass so he want to change the whole LCD would cost me about 120 us only glass is around 30 us , apperently its so hard on ipad air 2 so he stopped doing it, and i said i would think about it then he offered to buy it from me.

i think he is talking bs and just want to buy it so he can fix it.

Does anyone share his experience that its hard for ipad air 2 with glass ?

or is he talking bs ?

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He is correct. It is possible to replace just the glass, but the glass and LCD are glued together on this model by optically clear adhesive. The screen has to be heated, and a wire run between the glass and LCD (being careful not to cut into the layers of the LCD, scratching or burning the LCD). You then have to bond the new glass to the LCD using UV glue, or a large amount of OCA.

It is a difficult and risky repair, and if something goes wrong, it is expensive since a whole new LCD screen needs to be purchased.

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I agree with eFix. It's terrible !

Look at this video. And finaly it was not perfect if you considere the backlight issue at the bottom of the screen.


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