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The Fujitsu Lifebook model A6110 was released in 2007. It was considered a higher end model of laptop and received many good reviews.

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Keyboard Broken,Sticky, or just wont type

My keyboard is not typing anything and it may be due to stuff being under the keys or could be a setting any help would be appreciated.

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Daniel, Try uninstalling/reinstalling the keyboard driver through device manager and reboot computer. Driver will reinstall automatically, so if it was a problem/corrupt driver, key board should now work.

If not working and you suspect there could be a bad build up of dust debri under the keys you could try blowing key board with dry compressed air or power off/remove battery, take a couple photos of key board to remember key location, remove keys and clean with 90% Isopropyl alcohol on soft brush/cloth and dry, install keys and try.

Next thing would be to open laptop check key board connection and clean same 90% alcohol/dry and secure connection and try.

Still not working try an external keyboard and if it works you probably need a new key board.


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For clarification, do you mean one of the keys or the whole keyboard fails?

What you could do for now is to check for any possible stuff that may be lodged under your keyboard. Try giving your laptop a good shake (with a hard grip, you don't want to drop your laptop by accident).

Your other option is to use a keyboard vacuum, or a can of compressed air to blow dirt off under your keyboards.

If that doesn't work, try rebooting the laptop (it could work).

If that still doesn't work, then see if you have driver problems. Check the Device Manager on your laptop. If the keyboard line item has a yellow exclamation point next to it or if the keyboard icon doesn't show up at all, then you should try to get to your laptop maker's download page, then download and install the latest drivers for the keyboard. You may have to hook up a USB keyboard (see below) to navigate text entry fields, but after you find the correct file it should be a quick download and fix.

If all of these fail to solve your problem, then you may have a defective keyboard, or a loose connection between your keyboard and the laptop's motherboard. Try to seek help from a professional if you are not confident in prying your laptop open to check the connection. In case of a defective keyboard, you would need to contact somebody (try Fujitsu first) for a replacement.

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