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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor / 64GB or 128GB SSD

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change 128 GB SSD for the 256 GB SSD (11" Air)


Is it possible to take out the 256 GB SSD out of an Macbook Air 13" and put it in an 11" Macbook Air ?

Both newest generation of course.



Thanks for your reply and link.

I am just a bit worried because someone told me that the SSD Card in the 11" Air is directly stored above the ram ! ( different to the 13" Air )

I was told that the memory on the 128 SSD-Card is only on one side of the card ( while on both sides at the 256 GB SSD-Card).

This could result in not enough space if you want to swap the 128GB Card for the 256GB Card.

(the 256GB SSD-Card should be thicker than the 128GB Card)

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Probably; see my answer to a similar question here.

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Yes. I have successfully done the swap and there are no issues with the physical size of the drive. Just make sure you have the correct Torx Security size (which is T4 and not T5).

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@ millem: Please post a pic of the 256GB SDD in your 11" Air, or a pic of the finder with the 256GB showing so your post can be trusted.


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As I posted elsewhere in this area on MacBook Air 11-inch SSD upgrades, the screw securing the SSD on the 11-inch requires a T5 Torx screwdriver. NOT a T6 as has been listed elsewhere (not necessarily on this site) and NOT a T4 as stated previously above. T5 is what you need to unscrew the SSD.

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