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The Coolpix P530 is a 16.1 megapixel digital camera with an impressive 42x optical zoom. This model was released by Nikon in February of 2014. It also goes by the manufacturer specific model name Nikon 26464 .

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What is this flashing red square with possibly a clock symbol?

A red flashing symbol is flashing (it's right over the battery symbol). I do not know what it is so I do not know how to fix it to stop it from flashing. Can you please help me in fixing this problem? It's a red square with what looks like a white circle resembling a clock with a 9:00 read out and has another dot where the 3 would be.

I'm expected to take a trip in the next week and really need my camera. Thank you for any help.

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I also encountered the same issue , the first answer was perfect as it is related to time zone setting. Once you manage that by getting it correct in your camera settings, issue get resolve the then and there only.


Thank you so much, it worked it was the "Time Zone Setting" but why is it not in the Manual?


Thanks. It worked well


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The date and time are not set on your camera. Using your camera's menu, try setting the date and time on the camera. If you can't figure it out, look up your camera's manual online and read about how to do it.

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Very helpful. Sort of obvious in retrospect. But hadn't figured it out. Thanks.


Thank you!!!!


Did that it says failure to link to satellite.


Thanks so much! Flashing icon disappeared when I set time zone and date. This was driving me crazy and was NOT mentioned in 147 page owners guide! You are my hero :)


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It refers to the time zone setting. My daughter just showed me!

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What she said ^



It means you need to go to the menu and set the date.


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Sorry if this doesn't help but I'm not quite sure what this mean but on some cameras it might mean that the flash is on that the camera is dying, try charging it.

~Hope this helps!

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