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Why is iPhone 4 heating up after screen replacement?

I replace iPhone 4G LCD Touch Digitizer Screen and also the phone had some water damage. I took it apart and place all parts in tupperware with rice for 48 hours. After assembling it together it turn on and all functions work but from camera and my concern is the top right side of the phone is heating up a lot it is around the power button and back camera i have no idea where is it coming from. I try to replace the batter and still the same. I also look check the lower antenna connector to make sure is connected right. Any advice?


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What is tapeware?


sorry bushing i meant to say "tupperware with rice" i fix my post. :-)


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since you had water in it. there is most likely an accumulation of corrosion at some of the connectors on the board. chech for the discoloration on any of the gold colored connectors on the board. once you find it. clean it with alcohol. but very carefully!

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I had a phone come in the other day that was getting extremely hot and killing batteries. I found that the whoever changed the screen did not properly seat the rear camera and the camera was fire hot. I could not touch it. I removed the camera and cleaned the connector and reassembled the camera and the rest of the phone and it did not heat up again after that. I would also check the dock connector connection to the mainboard depending on where the heat is coming from.

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