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Repair guides and support for the ZTE n817, also known as the ZTE Quest.

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phone wont charge bad connection

My phone portal jack to charge phone not working. How do I fix it

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norvelllorenzo58 you did not tell us why you think it is broken. Anyhow ZTE phones have the charging port soldered to the board. So you will have to find a way of taking the phone apart, removing the circuit board and desoldering the port. Then you have the chore of trying to find a proper replacement. None of this will be easy since there is not a whole lot of service information for ZTE phones.

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My phone works perfectly fine with one charger and refuses to work with another charger cord that works just fine with both my and my GF's tablets, and a camera to charge with NO problems ever. It also refuses to charge with one wall charger, yet the wall charger works fine with other items. It is simply picky as ** for some reason. Before trying something costly, try a different cord or try it with a friend's.

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