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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Azend/Envizen.

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Tablet won't come on

I have the envizen digital evt10q as it was being used it went to a bunch of colored lines flashing then it went to white lines then went off...HELP

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Lo que yo haria es restaurarla de fabrica. POWER + Vol UP y wipe datos y wipe cache. o puedes venderla por partes en ebay.

You can sell it for parts on ebay.


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My guess, is that a connection on the board is disconnected. I have seen a lot of problem's with this type of tablet before. So I would try to repair (unhook and reattach the screen) and then see if anything weorks. If that doesn't work then I think it may have motherboard damage.

Happy Holidays,


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Hello Keegan Bourque, Can you help me? I need the stock firmware or ROM or any for this tablet ... I bricked the tablet and not backup. please help me...

If someone have backup of this tablet please help me...

thank you...

Actualización (15/12/16)

ababydeb1, can you backup the tablet system and share me please????

thank you...

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