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My 17-e116dx needs a new fan, but I can't find one.

I have a hp pavilion 17-e116dx that seems to be over heating, and the system comes up saying that the fan is not working properly.

Does anyone know what part I need to order and a safe site I can get it from?

It would also help if someone knew directions to get to the fan, although I could probably wing that, if needed.

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it may be that the fan is just dirty or the vents are clogged with dust. Check it out before you order any parts.

To assist you with gaining access to the fan here is a link to the service manual for your laptop.


Scroll to p.80 for the pre-requisites and procedures necessary to remove the fan.

Also on p.80 you will find the part number for the fan listed at the top of the page, (719860-001). If you search online using just the number, nothing else, no HP no model number etc. you'll get results of suppliers of the fan.

I don't know about safe sites but this one, given their name and size should be as good as any.


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