Issues with noise coming through microphone when touching case

This is a really odd problem that I am having with my phone.

When talking to others they complained that it was hard to hear me and sounded muffled. It doesn't seem to be as bad when talking to others with a iphone.

I did a test today from my iPhone to a BlackBerry and noticed that when I touch any part of the phone you can hear a scratching muffle type sound, even just taking my fingernail and gently dragging it across the back of my Otter Box case you can hear it very loudly on the other phone, so bad that I have to hold it completely still for there to not be a muffled scratchy noise, just readjusting my grip a little or rubbing it against my ear while talking is very loud on the other end. the speaker phone has the same problem but not as bad as the regular mouth piece. With earbuds no sound when rubbing the case at all.

A month or so ago I had my glass screen replaced at the apple store. I don't think it was like this right away but since has been one small drop with the Otter Box case but shouldn't be anything that would cause a issue. I also replaced the earphone jack and lightning connector my self. I'm not sure exactly when this problem started but it seems to have after replacing the jack.

Does the iPhone use a different speaker based on what type of phone the other person is using?

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this to happen or what parts I can look at replacing or checking, could there be a piece of insulation missing or something on the inside that was jogged loose?

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