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panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff8000a7b028b)

Hi, i google this panic error line, and keeps popping up, i replaced the HDD, and i get the folder missing icon with another macbook pro that i have, but when i try to boot again with the same HDD i get this error line.

heres a picture of the error

but its not the OS, i set that HDD in another macbook pro 13" 2010 and its good i can log in with no problem

heres my toughts:

the flex cable of the hard drive must be replaced, or the logic board must be replaced, but im not sure

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"panic cpu 1 caller" Unfortunately your cpu or another they of chip is failing. Replacement of your logic board is probably your best option.

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So the cpu 1 it's related to logic board failures?


i have the same problem went to install a different hard drive give me the same picture but if i used the hard drive that comes with the computer don't happen so the cpu is ok


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