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A digital SLR camera by Nikon released in 2007.

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hello . error nikon d40x

when i press the shutter button

camera says

"error . press shutter releace button again"

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* First, Remove Its Battery.

  • Remove the Bottom Base Cover Plate
  • Removed All Screw Holding the Base Cover
  • Proceed Removing All Screws in a Sysmetic Clockwise Order
  • Remove All Screws and Aside It on a Piece of Tissue Paper
  • View of the D40 DSLR Base With Cover Removed.
  • The Gear Operating the Shutter
  • Lightly Move the Gear & Inspect for Contamination
  • A Closer View of the Gear Seen Through a Magnifying Glass
  • Repeat About 5 Cycles.
  • Apply New Grease Between Gears

* Spray a Little at a Time & Move Th Gears

  • Move the Gears 5 Cycles to Spread Out Grease

* Insert Battery & Test Before Closing Up Cover.

  • Close Back Base Cover & Have Fun!

If you want to watch all these instruction with images then open Nikon D40 Manual.

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