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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Internal SSD is recognized as external hard drive

Internal SSD is recognized as external hard drive I have installed a new internal SSD in my MacBook Pro and now it is shown to me as an external hard drive.

What can you do about it being recognized as internal?

New built-in hard drive: OWC Aura SSD (480GB)

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Go into 'About This Mac' then select 'System Report' Please take a screen shot of the 'Storage' window, then take a shot of NVMExpress window (you may need to slide the slide up a bit to get all of the info).



Macintosh HD:

Available: 377.06 GB (377'057'767'424 bytes)

Capacity: 479.09 GB (479'087'239'168 bytes)

Mount Point: /

File System: Journaled HFS+

Writable: Yes

Ignore Ownership: No

BSD Name: disk0s2

Volume UUID: 6AFFB95B-A125-39A4-A1DE-ECE58F24158A

Physical Drive:

Device Name: OWC Aura SSD

Media Name: OWC Aura SSD Media

Medium Type: Rotational

Protocol: PCI

Internal: No

Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)


This computer doesn't contain any NVMExpress devices. If you installed NVMExpress devices, make sure they are connected properly and powered on.


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You're seeing the default setup of the drive. Its been awhile since I've put one in if I remember correctly you need to erase and re-prep the drive.

Restart your system and go into Internet recovery (left Command, Option & R keys), or you can boot up under an external USB drive. Press the Option key to get to into Boot Manager.

Then once booted, go to Utilities, Terminal, within Terminal type the following:

diskutil unmountdisk disk0

gpt destroy /dev/disk0

Close Terminal. Open Disk Utility select the Aura drive on the left pane and erase it and reformat the disk, re-install the OS again and migrate your stuff back over. That should do it.

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diskutil unmountdisk disk0

gpt destroy /dev/disk0


Thanks! Somehow auto correct messed it up.



This is Steven. If this still does not work, what else can I do?


Thanks man..with you help I'm able to install MacOS on my new OWC Aura SSD


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Hey Steve,

I've done this process and didn’t work for me. So, I continue to search for more answers and guess what... heheh...

The manufacture provides some software which seems to be like a driver for the SSD. After installing this software, the mac reboot. And now it’s recognized as internal SSD PCIe Drive. :)

OWC Dual Boot Enabler

Because, the most part of users (includes me) are having problems to use BootCamp on this SSD. As BootCamp cannot be installed on external drives.

So.... thats it. I hope this can help you.

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Good find! This should fix the issue!


HI all, so whats the issue in keeping it as an external?? ( speed ) ??? i have a ssd 500GB on a PCIE (showing as external) and seems to work fine on my mac pro!!!


No problem at all. The only problem I saw is that you can't install bootcamp if your main drive is a external drive. Apparently only original SSD PCI-e (OEM SSD) can be detected as Internal drive without any workaround. I not remeber if has other problems with SSD being external, but if working great for you, just leave it. You will saving an extra headache if something goes wrong.


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I can't go in Boot Manager since I updates my GPU to an RX580. So I tried all the codes with 'sudo' infront of it. But this is not working. What can I do more?

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Hello All,

I have the same problem with my MacBook, but in my case external hard drive is recognized as Internal SSD.

How can I fixe it, Please ?

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