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The Motorola Droid 2 (A955) is the fifth phone in Verizon's Droid line.

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new batteries have "?" in battery icon

I bought 2 batteries from e-bay. They are identical in appearance to the original battery. There is a "?" in the battery icon on the phone. When I plug into my computer to charge with the battery in the phone it says it doesn't recognize the batteries. The phone doesn't show battery drain for these batteries. Is there some step I am missing when I install the new batteries?

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If you look at your batteries and the connector for your battery on your phone, there are 4 pins. This should be the same on all Motorola android phones including the Droid 2. Only 2 of those pins provide power (Plus and minus). The other 2 pins are a data connection with your phone, they provide battery info such as charge levels. Inside the battery is a chip that monitors and controls the charge for the batteries and provide a battery meter info for you phone.

Make sure those 4 pins are clean on both the phone and the battery pack. There is also the possibility that the batteries you purchase on eBay are a 3rd party knock off and not provide the necessary data connections to provide the phone with your battery levels and so on are missing. I would try to go with original or OEM batteries from Motorola first. You can also look for 3rd party batteries form repeatable dealers or retailers.

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What you have is probably a counterfeit, or fake, battery. A real Motorola battery has a chip inside that controls charge/discharge and allows the phone to identify it as being a real OEM (original equipment manufacturer) battery. Most batteries sourced in China and sold on eBay are not OEM batteries, they are fakes. They may look the same on the outside, but they are not the same on the inside. If the phone can't validate the battery it will either display a warning, or not charge at all, depending on the phone.

There is a good reason for this. To save cost, counterfeit builders often buy rejected lots of cells, and/or leave out safety components. A few years back there was a rash of phone and digital camera fires traced to defective batteries, and they turned out to be fakes. This led to the new generation of "smart" batteries.

There is nothing to do except try to get a refund from the eBay seller and then get a real Motorola OEM battery from a more reputable seller. I also suggest you complain directly to eBay. They have a "Buyer Protection" policy and you might be able to get your money back.

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