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xbox one hdmi port in will not work

i don't know if i have to solder something or get a new hdmi port and solder it.

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What's wrong with the port?


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If the problem is truly and HDMI port problem and the port is bad the only way to fix it is to remove the port and install a new port. This requires soldering.

If the HDMI port is not physically damaged then you may have a hard drive problem. Many times when there is just a black screen it's a hard drive problem.

Hope this helps.

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thank you i will buy a new hard drive.


A new hard drive won't solve it because the problem is with the hdmi in. The hdmi out still works, right?


@George Abraham From the information in the question there is no way to tell if it's an HDMI problem or not. Please don't give someone a definitive answer when there is no way to tell if that answer is correct or not. It makes things very confusing.


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